Design your home to sustainability

We rarely talk about it, but we are both obsessed with recycling and waste reduction. A recycling station is a standard part of our home, and we dedicated as much of thought into its design, as we did into the design of any other corner in our apartments. And we’re always finding ways to upgrade it and share new ideas with each other.

When you think about it, recycling is almost a way to practice mindfulness – you have to be aware of the things you’re throwing away, carefully separate different materials, rinse if necessary. It’s completely opposite from tossing everything into a trash can.

It definitely takes some time to create this habit.

And the fact is, there’s not much to do to create a habit than to simply create a habit. Not to confuse simple with easy, though.

However, we do have a list of easy things you could start doing today to design your home to sustainability.

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Making of a perfect boy bed(room)

Since my nephew was two and a half years old, the whole family started to call the second bedroom “Matija’s room”. And he liked it straight away. He called it “my big room” – which is quite funny ’cause it’s literally the smallest room in their home.

Which affected the design process.

We all know how important it is to design small spaces to little details, making it as functional as possible. But to design something functional, yet interesting to a little boy, is extra challenging.

When designing a small space, Tina and I think that “one large, multifunctional piece of furniture” concept often works the best. And this being a bedroom, naturally led me to the idea of a multifunctional bed.Continue reading “Making of a perfect boy bed(room)”

DIY Hanging planter

You know we love to share with you great and also easy to follow DIY’s and for this sunny beginning of March, we have a new one for you!

Here’s what lovely Janey prepared for you:

With spring right around the corner, we’ve been thinking of ways to add some bright and smart home decor pieces to any home. As you may know, not all decor is strictly for our view’s pleasure. Some decor can be quite useful like a set of corner shelves or practical, like a kitchen chalkboard to write down all of your to-do’s. Houseplants, however, prove time and again that they’re not only useful but quite beneficial to our health. With that said, we thought we’d share this easy and versatile DIY hanging planter from Shutterfly.Continue reading “DIY Hanging planter”

About glass (in the interior)

We all know that glass is one of the most important materials in architecture today and it is no.1 material if you want your home to be bright and full of light. We always try to pick or design a window that has the largest possible glass surface (smallest possible window frame) because we love the feeling of bringing the outside in through that beautiful big window.

But what about glass in the interior, and how much do we know about glass? Where to use it and why or most importantly where not to use it?

Glass transmits, reflects and refracts light. In interiors is usually used as a divider, but it can also be used as a wall covering/backsplash and as a part of a furniture piece – like a tabletop.

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Planning an entrance space makeover

My sister always makes fun of me when she enters my home – every time she walks through the front door she acts like she’s putting her coat on a non-existent hanger and the coat ends up on the floor. She’s obviously trying to tell me that I need to do something with my hallway/entrance space.

Isn’t it funny how the entrance space is probably always the last on our to-do list when we’re renovating? We don’t know why is that since this is the first room everybody sees when they come into our home. We always thought it is one of the most important room to design and decorate and still my hallway is still unfinished.

I got to say I’m pretty happy with our bathroom and kitchen makeover and even living room that is (almost) done, it just misses a few art pieces and one beautiful bookcase, but the entrance space is giving me a headache. I just cannot make up my mind.Continue reading “Planning an entrance space makeover”

Six important steps guide you when decorating your new home

Interior design and home decor does not always feel like the easiest field to dig into. However, it will always be of importance for as long as humankind moves around and keeps it the interest of beautiful surroundings. Research studies during the past decades have shown that general content and happiness can be correlated to how beautiful one person’s surrounding are perceived. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that does not take away the fact that if you regard your surroundings and your home as beautiful, your mindset and overall content will increase and improve to the better! This is something that everyone would benefit from!

But the first problem remains, interior design and the project of decorating your home beautifully is not always the easiest task. Therefore, we have written a small guide for you to go through and hopefully fins some guiding and useful advice whenever you find yourself browsing through online furniture shops.Continue reading “Six important steps guide you when decorating your new home”